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The School of Aromatic Medicine, Plant-Based Healing and

Modern-Day Alchemy

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Welcome to Alchemical Botanical

We are a magical school dedicated to the study of aromatic medicine, natural living, green witchcraft, and plant-based nutrition.

Founded by Helen Elizabeth Griffiths, a midwife, teacher, plant-based healer and modern-day alchemist, Alchemical Botanical's purpose is to teach and support a reforging of the relationship between humanity and nature for the deep healing of people and planet with a particular focus on women's health and ancient wisdom

We are currently under construction, but over the next few months we'll be birthing our online platform where you will be able to access resources on everything from essential oils, plant-based nutrition, lunar cycles and astrology, to holistic and natural wisdom and wellbeing.

In the meantime, fill out the form below to join the mailing list and keep up to date with developments as they unfold, check out the blog, or book a Mini-Consultation via the shop


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