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Meet Helen Elizabeth

Healer, Soul Transformation Therapist, Advanced Practitioner in Flower and Vibrational Essences

Welcome to Alchemical Botanical. This is a very special place 

Hello, my name is Helen Elizabeth and I help spiritually awakening women find passion and soul purpose through alignment with nature. One of my passions is to support women to take healing journeys towards a life where they feel safe, supported, nourished and able to live fully in freedom, joy and self-expression. The key to this, is so often in the release of the negative emotional patternings and core woundings we carry in our bodies. Sometimes these were formed in childhood, sometimes in utero and sometimes they are past life. But always they all too often prevent us from living the life we would truly choose.

I use flower and crystal essences combined with soul transformation work, inner child healing, and alignment with the cycles of nature to create transformational healing journeys which change lives. 

Take a little look at the video below for a little about my own story and a feeling for what working with me might be like.


In May of this year I had the privilege of chatting with my own teacher and mentor Sara Estelle Turner, chair of the British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association about my own journey of healing on her wonderful diploma in flower and vibrational essences. It also gives you a sense of what working with me on a one to one basis would be like. If you are interested in finding out mora about training to be a practitioner you can find Sara Estelle here




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