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Natural Wellbeing for Healers, Sensitives

& Neurodivergent Souls 

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Welcome to Alchemical Botanical

Hello! I'm Helen Elizabeth. 

I am a Wellbeing Practitioner and Aromatherapist and I have a passion for supporting Healers, Sensitives and Nerodivergent goddesses to flourish.

So many of us experience life in survival mode, and as sensitives we can often live life feeling like our nervous systems are on the outside of our bodies and not inside where they belong! Our bodies can often feel overwhelmed by a world that seems like it wasn't designed for us. I discovered I was autistic at the age of 43, and until that time I felt like nothing made sense. Why did everything seem so easy for everyone else but such a struggle for me?

I had been a natural health practitioner and aromatherapist for years, but as I began to embrace my neurodivergent identity, I began to adapt these self-care practices to better suit my own neurodiverse experience, and I began to feel more grounded, emotionally stable and my sense of happiness and wellbeing increased.

Gradually I shifted the focus of my Wellbeing business to working primarily with other healers, sensitives and neurodivergent clients. I now take great pleaseure in supporting you to learn the tools to increase your sense of wellbeing and create a life that works for you, with a particular focus on mental and emotional health.

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