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Meet Helen Elizabeth

I am a Holistic Healer and Soul Catalyst. I empower Spiritual Women to ignite and embody their divine fire through the sacred alchemy of body and soul

Welcome to Alchemical Botanical. This is a very special place 

I am passionate about women's physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual health. A lover of nature, flowers and plants, excellent food, warm spiced tea, spirituality, deep conversations and good relationship. I believe that every woman has the right to live in a way which nourishes her deeply, fires her passion, and enables her to live her purpose in radiant health.


As an expert in women’s health and natural wellness, and a soul coach, I also believe that no one can tell you the things that are right for you and your body, and that you have a deep and innate wisdom that lives right inside you which knows everything you need. This is the wisdom and the alchemy of your physical body and your Soul Plan.

My work centres around the understanding that the physical body and soul are not separate entities but entwined in an interdependent dance. In order to reach our fullest potential in this life we have two important tasks; care for and nourish the sacred vessel of the physical body and empower, invite and kindle the soul fire so that we can be a clear channel for Source energy.

I use Spiritual Coaching techniques, Soul Plan, Soul Transformation Therapy and flower and vibrational essences, combined with alignment with the cycles of nature and sacred nutrition to create transformational healing journeys that change lives. 


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