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About Flower and Vibrational Essences

Essences are highly refined natural remedies made from flowers plants, trees, crystals or other natural substances. They are preserved in pure water and alcohol and are often described as as containing the essence or signature of the plant. They are usually prepared using sunlight, spring water, brandy and the flower or substance itself, but may also be used by boiling, or steaming the plant material. Essences have been used for thousands of years with historical examples from Egypt, Asia, India and Europe.

Essences do not make claims to heal the physical body specifically and are not used in place of medical care, however many people find that they offer gentle emotional support in times of illness, stress, anxiety, depression and times of change. Improvements in mood and emotional well-being are often linked to improvements in physical symptoms, pain reduction and the ability to cope in challenging situations.

On a deeper level, essences are healers of the body's energy systems. Working on an energetic or vibrational level, they can help us to gently remove the blockages, emotional pain and old stories stored in the the physical and energetic body. These blockages are the things that can prevent us from truly living the life we would wish. As the layers are removed, we gradually find ourselves coming to a place of greater ease with the world and ourselves, allowing more abundance and love into our lives and finding the courage to express who we really are in the world, in all of our beauty and authenticity.

Essences are completely safe, have no side effects or drug interactions and may be used by anyone at any life stage, including babies, pregnant and nursing mothers, and the elderly.


Flower Essences can help with:

Emotional Support

In times of illness, stress, difficulty, transformation or change, essences offer us the gentle support to face our challenges

Physical Support

The body and the emotions are closely linked. Although they do not act physically, essences support the emotional and energetic bodies, which may help us to feel better physically too


Relationships can offer some of the the greatest joys and the greatest challenges of being human. Essences offer emotional support in times of relationship growth and change

Women's Health

Gently supportive of women's life transitions through puberty, pregnancy, birth and postnatally, sexually, to menopause and our final days. Essences can help us to gracefully walk and celebrate the many different ways of being a woman

Passion and Vibrancy

Many who take essences long term and as a way of life find that they begin to feel more passionate, alive and vibrant as old emotions, patterns and limiting beliefs are released

Energy Work

If you work with energy systems such as the chakras or through body work such as yoga, essences are are a wonderful way to deepen, expand and bring deeper awareness to your practice 

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