Black Hellebore (helleborus niger)

Black Hellebore was one of the first flower essences I created in the Star Ruby Essence range and as such she (she is very definately feminine!) is one of my favourite essences in the range. Black Hellebore or Christmas Roses, do not all have black flowers, rather the name refers to the Latin genus, though in this case, the pant I used to make the essence has deep purple/black flowers with a creamy yellow centre. I took this picture of one of the actual flowers which I made the essence from.

All essences in the Star Ruby Range are made using melted snow which is then purified through a biofilter and this brings a very magical quality to the range. Star Ruby essences may be made using a variety of essence making techniques in order to capture the essence of the plant and these may range from the sunlight method, boiling method or in the case of my plant essences such as mint, sage or ginger, by using hydrosol in the mother tincture. Black Hellebore was made in full moonlight and I knew when I co-created her that she was a powerful and important essence. A few years after making her, I think that this essence might quite simply be essential for most women because she carries within her the ability to support the healing of the wounded feminine.

Each one of us carries a wound. It is part of being human and we carry these woundings passed down to us through our ancestral lines encoded in our genetic blueprints. Women's wounds more often than not express core fear; fear of sexual

violence, and abandonment; the fear of being alone or outcast or rejected, unloved and unacceptable and shamed. We recoil from this pain and bury it deep within our psyches, our experiences are stuffed deep into our physical bodies on a cellular and genetic level. These are the things that we do not wish to think about lest the pain be just too much for us to bear and we imagine that we are alone in this pain. But the truth is, every woman carries a peice of this pain; every woman knows it is there inside; in the tears we cry during our bleeding times, for the babies we have lost, for the violence enacted on our sisters for the pain held in our families, the times we were shamed.

The logical thing to do is of course to choke down this pain, constricting ourselves and storing it up so that we do not have to feel it, but the more we do this, the more we actually recoil from the fear of feeling it and the more it bursts out of us at moments when we really wish it would not. Perhaps counterintuitively the healing for this wound is to start by simply accepting that it is there, and allow it to be; really just accept that it is there, a part of you and breathe into that reality. It cannot hurt you, it is the resistance to it and the lack of acceptance of it that causes the pain. Feel the sensation in your body and know that it is asking for your attention, to be heard and for you to simply aknowledge that it is there, that it is a part of your womanhood. The moment we do this, there is a calm that arises, we relax just a tiny bit and the fear begins to lose it's grip. Continue to do this over and over again and a calmness from the inner well of your sacred being starts to arise and you begin to realise that most of what you feared was the fear itself.

With practice, as this fear begins to abate, we create space within our being and within our physical bodies as the tension unwinds we begin to relax, particularly in the area of the heart and the solar plexus. What starts to fill us instead is love and we realise that fear is simply a sensation held in the physicality of our bodies. Once we begin to accept this, it is not only love that arises, but in that love we are offered a sense of the safety and security that many of us were completely missing as little girls. This experience of safety causes a heart expansion and we become more and more open to the forces of universal love that are available to us if we are only courageous enough to open ourselves to them. The irony is that we have to be brave enough to open and to trust that they are there before we can experience them for ourselves, but this is our sacred work at this time of a new arising feminine consciousness on the planet.

Black Hellebore offers us the most wonderful support in this process. Hers is the magic of universal love and its power to heal those deep woman wounds. As her flowers look downwards towards the earth only revealing their deep inner beauty to those who would take the time to stop and look deep within them, so too she shows us that what lies within us is also deeply beautiful and that the wounds and the fears that we carry are actually the keys to accessing the love we are searching for when we stuff our pain into the darkest recesses of our beings. Black Hellebore knows this secret and gently gives us the courage to experience it for ourselves. She walks with those women who are willing, just for a moment, to hear the voice of the sacred wound and sit with it as it shows us that there is nothing to fear but but fear itself. In this she is perhaps one of the most powerful flower essneces I know for the treatment of primal fear, bringing courage, soothing, healing, grace and an expanding of the feminine consciousness.

Black Hellebore is available from alchemical Botanical in 10ml stock concentrations or as a 30ml dosage bottle in the Online Store

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