Embodiment. It's a term that is being used a lot in the circles I move in right now; healers and lightworkers, we are all talking about it. Yet I realised today, that there aren't actually that many of us talking about what it actually means. I realised that as a woman who calls herself an Embodiment Coach, that I am probably more guilty of this than anyone, but given that it's a central part of what I do and teach, I feel like I rather have a responsibility to talk about it!

So when I speak of embodiment, the thing that is so central to my work with clients and also in my own daily spiritual practices and self care, what do I actually mean?

If we are to seek a dictionary definition, which is always a nice place to start, then we find the following: "investment in, or manifestation through a physical body, and the bringing into, or presentation through a physical form". When we apply this to a healing or a spiritual practice or perspective, we are talking about the bringing through of our divine essence into it's fullest expression and the recognition that we can only do that through the physical form. As Meggan Watterson, author of Mary Magdalene Revealed suggests, when we talk about ascention we are not talking about out and up and connecting to the spiritual forces "out there". No, ascention actually means further back, AND further in; further in to our own bodies and hearts and the deep, deep wisdom that we find there.

I also like the idea that we could find within the word 'embodiment', "I'm Body Meant". I like this because it brings us the understanding that we are MEANT to be here, now in a physical body. That becoming fully embodied is bringing into full physical manifestation our divine essence, and is pretty much the whole and only reason we are here in the first place. To BE human, and to have a human experience and BE fully human is to be deeply and inseperably integrated into the physical. Yet for many of us who are deeply sensitive, this can bring up fears, because our previous experiences of being in our bodies, particularly as little girls may have been painful and truamatic.

This can be true for us even when we have not experienced abuse, where our parents did their best and were loving. Sometimes it can just be that in our sensitivity we were told that we were wrong, hypersensitive, too emotional. Sometimes, it just hurt so damn much to be human, and we never came with a mannual. We were never given the instructions, the deepest mystery teachings that were our birthright because our mothers and grandmothers never learned them either. This means that many of us ended up stuck half in, half out of our bodies because we believe that to be "fully in" will be unsafe and too much to bear. Yet, this state has problems all of its own: emotional pain, physical pain, anxiety, depression, extreme and unrelenting lightbody symptoms, poor boundaries, feeling like we weren't meant to be here or even that we want to leave. Some of us as adults are still existing in such deep emotion pain, feeling seperation from source on one hand, from our bodies, and ultimately our mother Gaia on the other. In my case it meant feeling like I was in emotion pain and anxiety All. The. Time. throughout much of my 30s.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Embodiment is the healing and the balm, because what we do not realise, until we begin the scary process of surrendering into being fully present in our bodies, is that the state described above is ultimately far more painful. However, in order to experience this truth we have to take a huge leap of trust and faith that it will be ok to get "fully in". It might help to know that we do not have to do this all at once, embodiment is the journey of a lifetime, of easing ourselves into our cells, clearing pain and trauma from our own bodies (and in doing so the DNA of our lineages), heart opening practices, self-care, nourishing food, learning to love and communicate in ways that are filled with love rather than need, fear and attachment. Learning to trust that we are safe. Doing the Inner Child work so that we can truly grow up into our adult selves as sovereign women. I could write a whole book about how Inner Child work is an absolute must and pre-requisite to embodying the divine feminine, but that's for another day!

Ultimately, embodiment is the art of learning to connect at ever deepening levels to the divine intelligence and wisdom that is truly only available to you within your physical woman body. The earth, the water, the mud, the blood, the messy, wild, sensual body you were gifted with by Gaia so that you can do your sacred work. In the Ayurvedic tradition this power is called Shakti and in order to begin the journey to fully activating her (and your soul purpose), you have to say "YES". Yes to taking the journey to being in your body and to allowing her to arrise. This is the ultimate surrender and our superpower as women. It's scary as hell, but the best thing you'll ever decide and it does not have to be done alone.

So what do I mean when I say I am an Embodiment Coach? It means that I am on my own journey towards a deeper and deeper "YES". That it is my soul mission to care for this sacred vessel I have been gifted through nourishing food, exercise, medicine, meditation, healing work. That I will create and live the sacred body practices that allow the greatest expression of my life force, so that I can fulfil my sacred purpose with a never ending passion for life, nature and the planet. It means that I am committed to support you to do the same.

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