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Cherry Blossom

I am so excited that you are here. I intend for this place to be one of magic and plant spirits, healing and health, and the sacred pathways that lead us back to truly knowing and owning our own divinity in the world. If you are here, I know that you are drawn to this too.

My name is Eleanor and I am an advanced practitioner in flower and vibrational medicine, alchemist, essence maker and apothecary. I am passionate about helping women in particular, find themselves. If you have spent so much of your life searching for who you truly are as so many women do, then please know that you are not alone and that I felt this way for many years too, I still do at times.

As modern women the world demands so much from us, we must be perfect wives, perfect mothers, successful at work, pay the bills and still have enough time to be beautiful, care for and nourish ourselves. Too often instead of feeling nourished, abundant and well, we feel busy, overwhelmed and depressed, or with anxious racing thoughts, knowing there is so much more that we could be if we could only find or access that missing piece of ourselves. For so many women, what actually causes this problem is that we are not truly living in our bodies. We have been knocked out by trauma or pain, or we never truly arrived and this means that we do not have access to the deep well of our own precious divine feminine essence. This is the missing piece we are yearning for and it is not found anywhere but inside.

If you have searched for years in books, or classes and courses and places outside yourself, then I am here to let you know Dear One, that you have everything you ever need already inside you. You simply need to allow yourself to stop, sit and listen, though if you are anything like me, this might just be the scariest thing you ever do, because we are simply never told as little girls that we are deep and juicy wells of intuition and wisdom, abundance and joy. Our physical bodies and learning to inhabit them fully are the keys to feeling safe, nourished, free, abundant, fully engaged, sensual and rich.

And this is where essences come in. The flowers, the earth, the rocks and the stones, the cycles of the earth, moon and stars are all here and just waiting for you to stop, breathe and listen. The moment that you do, they will take you on a magical journey that will lead you home to yourself, into your own presence, feminine divinity and unique essence and show you how to live fully in the world. I am here to guide you along that path...

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