Summer Solstice Blessings

The Summer Solstice or longest day is upon us and I send all of my community love and blessings of the Sun, our nearest star at this time. The exact moment of the solstice this year is 20:43 BST on Saturday the 20th June. Although the Summer solstice is always a special time of year, the days are at their longest, flowers and butterflies are filling the meadows and the raspberries are ripening; this summer solstice is astrologically rather super charged and many are feeling the intensity of the energies at this time.

Every summer solstice asks us, just as every full moon does, to be willing to open ourselves to the light available to us at this time and to begin to integrate and absorb all that we have been working towards in this cycle. The word Solstice means "Sun Stop". This is because for the few days that the solstice portal is open, the sun appears to rise and set at exactly the same point on the horizon rather than appearing to move a little to the north or south as it does during the rest of the year. This stopping holds us in the full light of the sun for around three days, asking us to pause and bask in the light pouring into our planet at this time. However, this can all feel rather intense and sometimes uncomfortable, as this process means that we are likely to be integrating, clearing and experiencing huge changes as the light purifies us at a cellular level.

This year this intensity is hightened for a number of reasons astrologically. Firstly the moon enters Cancer on Sunday; it does this at around this time every year; but this year, we have the Solstice, new moon, and an eclipse all occuring in 0 degrees of Cancer pretty much right on top of each other! This is extremelly powerful and is magnifying the Cancer energies all round. Cancer is one of the zodiac signs linked to our emotions, so if you are feeling particularly emotional over the next few days, this is very understandable. You may find that meditation, being in nature, and flower and vibrational essences are helpful and healing at this time.

Cancer also opens the elemental gateway of water. This means that elementally speaking, we will be in predominantly water energies for the next quarter until we reach the Autumn Equinox in September.

Between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice we have been in the fire energies. We have likely been working hard, persuing our dreams and taking direct action on our goals. The chances are you have been putting a lot of energy into the pot. To a certain extent, your work is now done and what manifests in the latter part of the year (your harvest) will be the fruits of this labour. As we enter Cancer and the water gateway opens, we are asked to surrender, something that most of us find extremely difficult. Now is the time to accept that we have done our best, and let go, trusting that the universe has heard us, we have done the work required. The greater our ability to let go at this time, the greater our rewards will be, and yet, it can be so tempting to want to pick the apples before they are ripe. I promise though, they taste much better if you wait! Due to the astrological alignments occuring, this water gate is particularly powerful and the need to trust that all is well is really important at this time.

As if all of this wasn't enough we are now in eclipse season and that means we have a lunar eclipse occuring at the point of the new moon. Eclipses are an opportunity for us to reset and begin again. As the sun and the moon converge in the skies above the the slate is wiped clean. Because this is occuring in Cancer, we are likely to get some clearing in the realms of love, family, relationships, and our emotions. There is a gentle, parental nurturance about the Cancer energies and this is likely to be a firm but gentle reset done softly, but for our own good. Like a loving parent would, we are being gently guided to learn grow and develop in these areas right now. This is interesting at a time when we have been at home with our families for extended periods. For many of us, this is showing us some places where we need to be more loving, more compassionate, develop our abilities to be patient and hold space. Cancer offers us the perfect support with this right now, even if it might feel a little uncomfortable for bit.

Be so gentle with yourself at this time. I highly recommend quiet celebration for all of life and for the light of the sun that holds us so warmly. There is much going on around us in the world astrologically, energetically, and physically. Cancer is about love. Love of self and love of others. If you would like any support at this time with some coaching, a reading or some essences, do feel free to get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

With much love,

Helen Elizabeth

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