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Your Inner Healer is a powerful presence within you, just waiting to be heard...

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Are you a woman, therapist, or coach who has felt the call to step into the role of healer for yourself, your family, or community? 

Do you love essential oils but feel like you lack the confidence to use them skillfully, safely, and effectively?

The Aromatic Healer is a completely free,10-lesson e-course, designed by an aromatic medicine practitioner, to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to incorporate essential oils into your daily life or with your clients.


Delivered straight to your inbox over 10 days, this introductory course covers what you need to know to get started, without needing to qualify as an aromatherapist first! 

This course covers everything from the basics of essential oils to more advanced applications and techniques. We'll also cover 5 essential oils in depth and you'll recieve professionally created monographs for each oil to download and print.

You'll finish the course feeling confident to start using your oils for yourself and others. 

Inside you'll discover...

Lessons Include:

The Benefits of Using Essential Oils

What are Essential Oils?

Sourcing Pure Essential Oils

Essential Oil Safety

Essential Oils for Children and Pregnancy

The Magic of Dilution

The Art and Science of Blending

The Power of Diffusion

Safe Internal Use

Creating your Essential Oil Apothecary

At the end of the course you'll be offered the opportunity to purchase a starter kit of doTERRA essential oils and to join our support programme The Aromatic Academy

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