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Aromatic Medicine offers a beautiful way to nurture your health and deepen your connection with nature.


As someone who was once seeking more balance and connection to support me to overcome chronic stress and burnout, I found that essential oils became a natural extension of my own wellness journey. Incorporating oils into my daily health and wellness rituals has transformed the way I approach self-care, living intentionally and in line with the seasons.


If you're curious about how aromatic medicine can support your healing journey, I'd love to offer you the invitation for us to connect more deeply and to personally support you on your journey.


During a 30-minute Zoom call, we'll dive into your unique needs and I'll support you to hone in on the root of the problem and incorporate some simple but powerful changes to your routine. This consultation is about empowering you with knowledge and practices that that will make a big difference.


As a bonus, the consultation includes a sample bundle of 5 carefully selected essential oils. Each oil holds its own potential to enrich your self-care routine. From promoting calm mornings to enhancing focus and boosting energy, or tackling a specific health issue, Aromatic Medicine can be transformative. 


I believe in making personalized wellness accessible to everyone. That's why this package, including the 30-minute consultation and the essential oil bundle, is available for just £15. It's a small investment that can yield truly meaningful results in your daily life


Book and pay for your consultation and I will reach out to you to arrange a time. 


  • This is an introductory and exploratory consultation only and is therefore limited to one per client. For ongoing or full consultations, please get in touch. Once booked and paid for, I will reach out to you to book your appointment. Excluding holiday periods, you can expect to be offered an appointment within a week of booking. Following the consultation your oils will be posted to you and will contain five, ten drop samples of oils especially tailored to your specific needs. The purchase price includes postage. 

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