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Rituals, Remedies & Recipes

Applying Essential Oil

Welcome to the winter edition of Rituals, Remedies & Recipes!


In a world that often moves at a frantic pace, this guide offers you a space to slow down, connect, and nurture yourself in harmony with the seasons.

Supporting the body to align with nature and the flow of the seasons is key to optimal physical, emotional and spiritual wellness, because just as the weather changes with the seasons, so too do our wellbeing needs. 

As we move into the Winter months of December, January and February, we introduce the body to warming and invigorating practices; oils and herbs that keep the immune system strong and prevent the build up of stagnation, coldness and dryness, whilst also promoting comfort, rejuvination and deep rest through the darkest days of the year.

This beautiful, Ayurvedic inspired free, 12 page, PDF guide is your invitation to align your well-being with the ever-changing rhythms of nature, using winter rituals, wholefoods and essential oils.


Inside you'll discover...

Christmas Decorations

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