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The Self-Care Toolkit

For Neurodivergent Women: Tools & Tips for Cultivating Greater Happiness, and Wellbeing

Hello, I'm Helen Elizabeth, a certified wellbeing coach and aromatherapist. I also discovered I was autistic at the age of 43. I created this toolkit to help you prioritise your wellbeing and cultivate a greater sense of balance and fulfillment in your life as a neurodivergent woman.

In this neurotypical world, so many neurodivergent people spend their lives in survival mode, feeling like they are at the same time too much and not enough. Add to that the experience of feeling hypersensitive to everything and that your nervous system exists on the outside of your body, not on the inside where it belongs, and we can end up feeling our internal batterys are permanently flat!

We all know we could probably benefit from more self-care, yet neurodivergent individuals often encounter 2 challenges when it comes to self care:

1) Masking:

We can be so busy hiding our autistic traits from the world and worrying about what others think of us, that it pulls us away from our own authentic needs and experiences


2) Difficulties with Interoception:

Interoception is the ability to understand and percieve your own internal signals. Neurodiverse people can have a reduced capacity for interoception, meaning that we often do not know what we want or need. We can sometimes forget to eat, drink or pee - particularly when we are hyperfocusing!

The toolkit is a free, 38 page PDF download. Inside I will guide you through identifying some of your own self-care needs and support you to develop a personalised self-care plan that works for you. It will guide you through a process of self-discovery, and help you develop strategies for incorporating self-care activities into your daily routine.

You'll kick start your own self care journey and come away with a self-care plan that you can continue to adjust and refine for years to come!

The toolkit is completely free and at the end I will make some suggestions on how we can work together if you would lie to continue your journey.

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