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One of the special things about Alchemical Botanical is that I make many of my own flower, gem and plant essences, floral waters and other products. Everything is made alchemically, which means co-creation with nature using specific processes and at specific times according to the sun, moon and stars. This gives my products a life and vibrancy that is not often seen in commercial products. They are designed to help you align deeply with these cycles and the natural rhythms of your soul. On this page you will find details of the different ranges available in the online store

My Products


Star Ruby Essences

Star Ruby Essences are my flag ship range. Each was inspired by my own journey of healing, embodiment, alignment with nature, and of awakening the divinity within. Every plant and flower included in the range was either grown in my garden or found in wild landscapes around the British Isles. The crystals used were found in the UK and carry the very special energy of this sacred land. These essences were made using many different techniques including sunlight, moonlight, boiling method and steam distillation and co-creation with the environment. A small selection is shown below.

Star Ruby Essences
Black Hellebore
Apple Blossom
Blue Boracite
Orange Calcite
Mother of Pearl
Paprika Yarrow
Sea Holly
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Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Edward Bach was the Father of modern flower essences. He made his original range of 38 essences plus his "Rescue Combination" in the 1930s. Bach felt strongly that his medicine was medicine for everyone; safe and easy to use. There are a number of Bach Ranges on the market each with their own feel. Here at Alchemical Botanical a new range is being born using his traditional methods but with my unique signature.  Currently the range is still in production; Dr Bach took a number of years to create his range, but there are a few essences currently available on request.


I am looking for flower essence practitioners and those who know and love the Bach Range to be willing to test these new essences. Currently Available are: Heather, Honeysuckle, Larch, Star of Bethlehem, and Wild Rose.

If you would like to test an essence, then please contact me. A 10ml Stock bottle will be posted to you free of charge in return for some feedback. 


Hydrosols and Flower Waters

Hydrosols are steam distillations of plant material which produce lightly fragrant, pure and crystal clear flower waters. They can be made in a crock pot or traditional copper still. Here at Alchemical Botanical I only make very small individual batches and each batch will be slightly different depending on the time of year, the harvest and the growing conditions, but they always smell amazing, light and clear. They are best used pure in a mister, but can also be used as a toner for the skin. My plant essences use hydrosols as a base and they can also be taken internally as the basis for an essence dosage bottle.  



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