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Join me for a deep dive into the powerful emotional properties of essential oils.

We'll gather on Zoom at 7pm on the 21st February to discover:

🌿How emotions and stored memories affect our health on a physiological level
🌿A little about the limbic, olfactory and nervous system and how you can regulate and care for them
🌿Experience 4 key essential oils for emotional health
🌿Receive a sample kit of 4 doTERRA essential oils to experience during the class
🌿Come away knowing how to move more smoothly through challenging emotions with kindness and compassion for yourself.

"The medical school of the future will not administer drugs and chemicals merely for the sake of palliative our symptoms, but knowinging the true cause of sickness... it will concentrate its efforts upon bringing about that harmony between body, mind and soul which results in the cure of disease. Amongst the types of remedies that will be used will be the those obtained from the most beautiful plants and herbs to be found in the pharmacy of nature such as have been divinely enriched with healing powers for the mind and body of man."
(Dr. Edward Bach.)

The class is £11 to attend, including the class kit of 4 oil samples and a class handout of the slides emailed after the event.

This class is free for my customers and clients (does not include samples) DM me for the discount code.


On booking you will recieve a confirmation email. Your zoom link to join the class will be sent out a few days before. 

Essential Emotions Masterclass

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